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Experience stepping into the twisted mind of a deranged serial killer in the Manhunt thriller game. As you and your team enter the eerie confines of the copycat killer’s lair, the air becomes heavy with suspense and the echoes of his past heinous acts.

The room is meticulously designed to captivate your senses and immerse you in the harrowing atmosphere of a madman's lair. Each clue and prop reveals a haunting piece of the killer's dark history, challenging your wits and nerves. But be warned, as you delve deeper into the mind of the maniac, the line between hunter and hunted blurs. The killer's presence lingers, and the clock is ticking.

Survival depends on your ability to outsmart the killer's twisted game. Work together, stay vigilant, and stay one step ahead to uncover the secrets that will set you free. Will you have the courage to face the darkness and escape before the killer claims you as the next victim?

Book your escape now and put your detective skills to the test in the ultimate battle of wits and survival.


Trapped within this diabolical setting, you must confront the twisted mind of the killer and decipher a series of mind-bending puzzles inspired by infamous true crime cases. Decode encrypted messages, reconstruct crime scenes, identify victims, and uncover hidden objects that are chillingly connected to the maniac's deeds.


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