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Welcome to the Horror Rooms in Dubai! There are 4 of the best horror escape rooms in the city and the most thrilling cinema of your life.

In Horror Rooms, you'll enter each room as unsuspecting players and get out as heroes! Team up to solve puzzles, find clues and beat the clock... Do you think you have what it takes?

High-tech special effects, sounds, flashes and professional actors who scare you at the most intense moment will freeze your blood and make your heart race for the rest of the 60 minutes of lock-in.

In Horror Rooms, we guarantee a uniquely atmospheric experience you won't find anywhere else. Extensive detail, maximum immersion, live actors - we have it all! You are welcome to come and see for yourself!

Horror Rooms are inspired by some of the world’s greatest horror movies and experiences. For the avoidance of doubt we have no affiliation or association with any publication or film.


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We've designed our rooms with care, focus on technology, immersion and high quality. All of our games are uniquely themed with their own storylines.

Looking beyond the idea of "escape" as the ultimate goal, our games have been created for you to discover the story within. Each of the rooms were developed from the beginning and built with love and great attention to detail to make sure that each puzzle is relevant and tests a variety of skills. All games are made for one goal - a thoughtful and timed enjoyment.

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Unlock new potentials for yourselves! Our escape rooms call for a perfect balance of personal brilliance and teamwork.

Every inch of our escape rooms has a purpose of its own, you will notice. Once you cross the threshold of our rooms, you'll feel as if you've stepped through a portal into a world other than our own. So get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventure and experience a sense of childlike wonder!

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An experience of a lifetime!

Whoa, guys, that was something! I've never wanted to escape a room so much. The actors creep up at the most unexpected moment and scare the hell out of you! I took my girlfriend for her birthday and she had lots of fun and thrills! Thanks! Totally recommend it :D


OMG! That was amazing!!!

I still get goosebumps! The perfect place for an adrenaline rush. I was playing with my brothers, and it was the first time I'd ever seen them so scared! Purely a thrill! And it really isn't easy to find clues, which is why it's fun and exciting.


Horrifically awesome!

It's all designed to the smallest details, actors and staff are superb. I loved it all, the atmosphere really felt right, and the game was scary and exciting at the same time. Will definitely come again.


An amazing way to kill an hour in Dubai!

My goodness, it was mind-blowing! I was so scared and impressed throughout the whole game! Thrilling by the minute, the music, the decor, the effects, the actors - totally awesome! I loved it and will bring my friends too. Thanks for this experience!


You scared the hell out of me!!

My goodness, it was mind-blowing! I was so scared and impressed throughout the whole game! Thrilling by the minute, the music, the decor, the effects, the actors - totally awesome! I loved it and will bring my friends too. Thanks for this experience!


The best team building ever!

The Horror Room was the best experience I've ever had with my team after work. I've never felt anything like this before. All the details, the game sets, the scary actors made the whole process so real. I didn't even know my boss was afraid of anything, now we all know what a scaredy-cat he is. But it was awesome!


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Core team



Game master

Baba by name, bubba by nature. Our vastly experienced and loveable virtuoso has already been with us for 4 years – time flies when you’re having fun! Baba is always close at hand if you need help fixing something or getting organized. Find him preparing unsuspecting guests for a spine-chilling experience in The House of Bella. Looking for a terrifying game? Baba’s your man



Game master

Machi is our cheerful go-getter weebo who can easily befriend players the moment he says "Hi Sir/Madame". He loves the creepy twists and turns of his favorite room The Maniac. You can always be prepared to find CHI engaging with the players and adding to the immersion of each individual room.



Game master

Lorine quickly established herself as the group’s queen despite only recently making her game master debut with us. The Ring is her personal favorite, as she loves watching players complete the chilling task in unexpected ways. Find our super-friendly with a very charming smile Kween amongst our guests, making sure they’re having the best time possible. Prepare to be entertained!



Game master

Tuala joined us when we opened our Citywalk branch and boy it's been nothing but great! The saying "jack of all trades, master of none" doesn't apply to our versatile and creative game master as he is a Maestro of all things awesome. A good listener to both his colleagues and our players, he is always happy to help in the most unusual manner. You never know what Tuala's got under his sleeves, so brace yourself for his wonderful suprises.



Game master

Claire is one our newest but most reliable game master whose jolly and animated personality makes even the most nervous and scared players at ease. Catch her as she puts players in her favorite game Psycho, where she can be very surgical with the tortures and puzzles involved in it (insert evil laugh here).



Game master

Keith is our gamemaster who has the most attention to detail so you can be asured that nothing will be missed when he is operating your games. Fun, always happy and approachable - he has the know-how to make your experience the most exciting possible. Look out for him buzzing about offering help to anyone who needs hints as they’re playing our games. You can find him in his happy place behind the scenes, ready to dish out hints and clues to anyone in need.



Game master

Marlon is our resident geek game master who can talk non-stop about anime, comics, pop culture, and Harry Potter. It's no surprise that when players ask for hints in School of Magic, his favorite game, he would give them a pop quiz first and drop references only Potterheads can relate to. You can usually find him laughing and hanging out with our younger players or trying to scare the older ones.



Game master

Ibrahim is a legit dope game master who can easily adapt to any situation and the people around him. He loves running our most challenging game, Houdini, as he finds it fun to see how players react to the most difficult and complicated situation while being there to help them solve some seemingly impossible task. For him, meeting different people everyday while making sure that they have a fun, memorable experience is the coolest part of the job.


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