The Bank

60 min

Fairly Difficult

2-6 person

FROM AED124.00

Per person. More players - less cost.

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You are part of an elite team of skilled individuals, handpicked by the infamous criminal mastermind known for orchestrating the most daring heists in history. Your first mission will push your abilities to the limit as you embark on a mission to infiltrate a heavily fortified bank. Inside lies a hidden treasure trove of legendary gold bars, protected not only by cutting-edge technology but also enigmatic mystic safeguards. Will you outsmart the security systems and seize the treasure, or will THE BANK’s defenses prove insurmountable, leading to your capture?


Captured by THE BANK's web, outwit puzzles, codes, mystic barriers. Decode clues, exploit weaknesses for fabled gold. Thrive with strategy, quick thinking, team synergy.


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