How To Play

Escape room newbie? Unsure what to expect from the game and how to escape? We're here to help! If you're playing for the first time, stick to these tips, and you'll be cool:

Start here


Gather the group of 2-8 players


Choose a game you prefer


Arrive in 15 mins before the game


Find yourself locked in a room


Look for hidden clues to solve riddles


Escape the room within 60 minutes

Fun and easy

Who'd love to play in an escape room?

Families & Friends

Our rooms are perfect for gathering and bonding with loved ones and friends.


Enjoy the unforgettable experience just during your voyage with Horror Rooms.

Team Building Organizers

In search of a fun corporate party? We're offering a brilliant idea for team bonding, testing critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.


Thrill seeker and special effects fan? We've got a worthy alternative to video games! Horror Rooms are a real-life thrill ride! And here you don't have a chance to start a level over!

Any questions left?

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