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Brace yourselves to test your fears

Horror Rooms by NoWayOut with live actors are designed for a fully immersive and horrifying experience. You're sure to have one of the best escape adventures ever!

You're not alone here

All of our games feature professional actors to make your escape experience perfectly thrilling! They might scare you, or give you good hints, so watch your behavior.

Time is running out

You've only got 60 minutes to escape, while terror is going after you. Remember that evil doesn't sleep, so you’d better hurry!

Keep your eyes open

Keep an eye out for clues and hints throughout the horror game. We've hidden them pretty well. Stay alert, escaper, use your brain and let's play!

They're hunting you

The tension of the chase will terrify you from the first to the last minute. Monsters are hunting, time is running out. Try not to lose your head and find a way out!

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