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Enough of the boring corporate parties!

Looking for the perfect place for a team-building activity? Are you ready to take your company party to the next level? Have a blast with your colleagues in Horror Rooms solving puzzles, looking for clues and thinking together as one team!

Event Services

Classic Horror Rooms + Horror Movie Experience
Come and test out your skills and fears in the Horror Rooms! Challenge yourself with your colleagues in three terrifying horror rooms with live actors and modern special effects, or try yourself in horror cinema!
  • Silent Place
  • Unknown
  • Circus
  • Manhunt
  • The Bank
10 - 30 players
1 Hour
Portable Escape Games
The best Escape Rooms with delivery straight to you!
  • We will provide you with a transportable puzzle plus special decor.
  • Our qualified team will take care of all logistical and handling problems.
1-3 Hour
Full Event Management
We provide a range of full event management services. These include:
  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Brand Activation

Our clients

At Horror Rooms, we're happy to hold corporate events for different companies. From small local businesses to international enterprises, we will provide a wonderful event that your employees will never forget.

Horror Escape Rooms will bring your team an unforgettable experience. Our staff will take care of all the organization of the event, from reception to logistics and catering. Book your next corporate event with us!

Sanira, Horror Rooms Managing Director


The perfect escape from the office routine!

We tried Horror Rooms as a team outdoor activity with three rooms at a time, and enjoyed it all so much. All our co-workers were deeply involved in their adventures and fully immersed in the very well-designed setting and atmosphere. We also want to acknowledge the work of the actors of Horror Rooms, who had people shivering for a couple of hours after we left! Everything is smartly designed, we loved it!

Khalid Bellazrak, IMEA HSE Manager

I will recommend Horror Rooms to everyone I know!

When it comes to real horror that makes your spine shiver, Horror Rooms Dubai is the place to be. If you wish to know who you are and what kind of person you will be when you come face to face with your deepest fear, then you are in the right place! Everything has been done to the highest standard, game, sound, actors and the organization of the Horror Rooms staff. My team and I were more than happy!

Cedric Barré, Team leader

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Discover new opportunities with the Horror Rooms

Team Unity

Team spirit and cooperation helps to solve all the riddles faster.


Focus on a common goal with your colleagues and go towards it together.

Mutual Aid

Support each other during the game to help each other out and become friends.


Take responsibility for the team in difficult or tense moments of the game.


Everybody is given a fair chance to contribute towards the end result.

Have a blast!

Because that's what horror games are supposed to be!


Corporate events








Corporate events







We've organized many successful corporate events in Dubai.

Trust our experience and fill in the form. Our team will contact you with the best solution. Our rooms feature decorations, puzzles, logic and sound. We put a lot of effort into their creation. Book your corporate party at Horror Rooms. You won't regret it.

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