Game with live actor

Silent Place

60 min


2-8 person

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A terrible virus has spread all over the world, turning people into zombies. You need to find food and a safe place to hide from them. You end up discovering a secret laboratory where scientists were making chemicals for the government. Something went wrong, and the chemicals caused a big explosion that killed everyone and turned some into zombies.

While running from the infected monsters, you find an old secret laboratory. There's a survivor named Tom who can help you. He'll tell you where to go and warn you if zombies get too close.

You are part of a team of young scientists trying to finish what was started - an antidote to stop the zombie virus. Solve the riddles, find clues and collect all the vials you can find to take them back to the lab. Tom will help you if you need it! Zombies can't see, but they can hear you, so be very quiet! Find everything you need in 60 minutes, before the infected monsters find you!


The door has closed behind you... Can you last for an hour in the post-apocalyptic world? How long can you avoid the infected, and what's worse - should you risk facing zombies or stay inside the abandoned secret lab?

Be very careful, zombies are always alert. So be as quiet as a mouse!


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