Hen&Stag parties at the Horror Rooms

Who's getting married here? Psst, mate, want to throw an outstanding pre-wedding party as a bachelor for the last time? Get your friends together in the Horror Escape Room!

Horror Escape Room Party, how's that?
Fun, exciting and frightening!

Gentlemen, grab your best men, Ladies take your bridesmaids to dive into a world of riddles and clues, all while trying to get out of the locked maze. If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate, you've come to the right place!

What's in store

for your Hen or Stag escape party?

Throw a party

Fun & Adventurous Vibe

Once you arrive, your party will be briefed about how the game goes. Then you'll be trapped in a horror room with no way out! As you try to get out of the scary room, look for clues, crack codes and solve riddles.

Perfect bonding experience

Experience our epic Hen & Stag escape room parties and see how well your group of friends can work together under pressure to beat the clock and get away with it!

Support from our team

Horror Rooms team would love to do everything you want to make your end of bachelor party exciting, noisy, and a lifetime to remember! We're happy to help.

Let us make the best party for you

What our services include

Pics and videos

You and your crew will surely be interested to see how it all went. We'll show you the CCTV footage, so you can re-watch the highlights. Plus, of course, we'll take a few photos as a memento for you!

Special Packages

Take advantage of everything we have to offer for your exciting and unforgettable hen or stag do! And if there's anything else you'd like to include in your event, just email or call us, and we'll be happy to help!

120 stag and hen parties held at Horror Rooms

Reviews from those who've experienced this with us:

Great atmosphere, decorations and actors! Wow!

I was in Dubai for a stag party and my buddies planned some entertainment for us for the day. We arrived at Horror Rooms and the manager briefed us on everything. The game was AWESOME, both scary and fun at the same time. Afterwards, we gathered with our friends in a separate area to chat and discuss the game.

Wanessa Shah

It really was one of the best moments of my bachelorette party!

We all hysterically screamed and then cried with laughter, the hen party was a success! So, my bridesmaids brought me here blindfolded, I had no idea where I was! Then I heard creepy music, opened my eyes and found they had brought me to a horror room!!! I was horrified at first, but then we had as much fun as we could! Thanks to the guys in the Horror Rooms, you did a great job of organizing everything!

Wanessa Shah


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